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Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine department is committed to providing excellent patient care and close communication with concerned family members. An internal medicine doctor has received advanced training, often a minimum of 4 years past veterinary school, to specialize in diagnosing what is ailing your pet, when commonly used methods and lab tests do not reveal an answer. Our Internal Medicine Department will seek to find answers to your pets' ailments, and work closely with your family veterinarian. Our team includes nurses and doctors with experience form around the world. They work very closely together to provide the best medical care possible, taking as much time as they need to listen to you, and to your pet, for clues and guidance on the best path forward.

The Internal Medicine Department also works closely with other team sin our hospital should your pet have multiple conditions, as is often the case with complex internal medicine disorders. Together, the team strives to create the best care for your pet at all times - you may find several experts from various fields collaborating together to help you and your pet! It's part of what we do every day.

Although we have a collection of state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques available, our doctors will sometimes be able to develop the best plan together with you from juts an in-depth consultation with you and a physical examination. Coming to see Internal Medicine in no way commits you to anything more than this initial consultation. We will always thoroughly discuss with you the risks and benefits of diagnostic tests and treatment options we recommend. That way, both you and the doctor will decide together which diagnostic tests to utilize to try and work out what is ailing your pet, including:

  • Various forms of endoscopy, with an impressive array of endoscopes and instrumentation available to our internal medicine specialists to choose which scope and modality best meets your pets' needs. Along with endoscopy, there are also special minimally-invasive (e.g. non-surgical) procedures that can be done to obtain biopsies, dilate strictures, inject agents into tissue, remove bladder and urethral stones, and more. Some of the endoscopies regularly performed by our Internal Medicine Department includes:
    • Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
    • Colonoscopy
    • Rhinoscopy (Endoscopy of the nose, nasopharynx)
    • Laryngoscopy, Tracheoscopoy
    • Bronchoscopy (Endoscopy of the lower air tubes)
    • Cystoscopy/Vaginocystoscopy (Endoscopy of the urinary and reproductive tract/s)
    • Bone Marrow Collection
    • Joint Fluid Sampling
    • Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspirates Of Organs Or Lesions Using Light Sedation
    • Digital Radiography (X-Rays)
    • Ultrasound Performed By Our Internist and / or our Boarded Radiologist
    • Advanced Imaging (CT), Reviewed by our Boarded Radiologist
    • Specialized Blood and urine Testing (Both in-house and to external laboratories)

If your pet is feeling particularly unwell, we have a well-equipped facility able to provide monitoring and treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hospital care of sick patients can involve IV fluids, IV medications, monitoring of critical parameters like electrolytes, blood cell counts, blood  glucose, blood pressure, kidney values, liver values, electrocardiogram, oxygenation levels, and more. We are able to give blood and plasma transfusions and oxygen therapy, as well as other life-saving and cutting-edge therapies that we feel will achieve a goal of a good quality of life when the intensive treatment is over.

Sometimes, even with all the tests and expertise in the world, an internist still finds some patients whose diagnosis remains elusive. Thanks to our experience in caring for these difficult cases, we will still be able to work with you to find the options, treatments and solutions that seem to work best for you and your pet personally. We do this every day with empathy, love and care, knowing that you have come to us at a very difficult time.



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