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South Atlanta Veterinary Emergency and Specialty, formerly known as Southern Crescent Animal Emergency Clinic, opened its doors in 2001 to answer the great need in our area for compassionate, state of the art emergency medicine for our animal friends, and we have continued to uphold that high standard ever since.
Offering digital radiography, ultrasound, full range laboratory, and a modern surgical suite allows our family to care for yours in your time of need. Our many diagnostic and treatment options give each owner the opportunity to make fully informed decisions on the care of their beloved pets.

We are a shareholder owned facility, with 38 veterinarians and their private hospitals counting on us to care for their patients and their families. The year 2016 was a banner year for our emergency clinic. Our shareholders made a decision to expand our business into a much-needed Emergency AND Specialty Center. This necessitated the building of a new facility, located just one mile west of our original facility at 1090 Highway 54 East, Fayetteville, GA 30214.

This 13,500 square foot building will house several departments…Emergency and Critical Care, Surgery, and Ophthalmology. We will soon welcome Internal Medicine and Radiology to our growing facility. Our radiology department will include Direct Digital Radiography, CT Scanner, and Ultrasound. Explore our website to discover all of our new services.

Our doors are also open to you nights, weekends, and holidays to initiate or carry on care of your pets. Patients will then transfer back into the care of your veterinarian with copies of all labwork, radiographs, treatment sheets, and doctors discharge instructions. It is our goal to provide uninterrupted care for those in treatment, or a solid baseline for any new illnesses or injuries to provide your veterinarian all the assistance and information needed to carry on your pet’s care.


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