What Kind of Food Supplements Are Recommended For Dogs?

what kind of food supplements are recommended for dogsDietary supplements is a growing industry not only for humans, but for pets as well. These supplements help ensure the necessary vitamins and minerals are consumed throughout the day, as often times the food eaten does not provide all the necessary nutrients the body required.

Animals are no different from humans, yet often times a pet owner may simply assume their pets are ingesting everything they need. Often times that simply is not the case, which is why it is important to provide a dog with additional supplements, beyond what is found in their food. These are some of the most recommended dietary supplements for dogs.

Dietary Food Supplements for Dogs

Know What Your Dog Needs

As is the case with humans, you need to know what kind of nutritional value their food has and then determine the levels of vitamins and minerals the food offers. Giving a pet too much of one vitamin or mineral can have adverse affects. For example, too much calcium may cause skeletal issues, while an excess of Vitamin A can lead to dehydration and pain in the joints. Due to this, it is always important to consult with a vet before starting any kind of dietary supplement plan. Some seemingly obvious health conditions may actually stem from something else.

Fish Oil

This is by far one of the most popular supplements used for pets, and for good reasons. In a human, it is used to help reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease. Now, dogs do not have the same kind of heart conditions as humans. This is mostly because relatively speaking, dogs do not eat the same kind of processed foods with high levels of trans fats. However, fish oil can improve the health of a dog’s skin and coat. Fish oil may also provide some minor benefits for arthritis, although it won’t cure the condition. Fish oil does come in the gel-like tablets. A hole can easily be poked into the tablet and the insides squirted out onto food, to make it easier to consume (or the liquid form can be purchased as well, although this is more expensive).


Multivitamins for pets are no different than those for humans. However, it is important to only give a pet a multivitamin designed for a dog and not one designed for humans as the nutritional values differ. Before starting any kind of multivitamin regimen, understanding what your pet currently consumes is important in order to prevent possible health concerns later on.

Milk Thistle

This may be something to consider giving a dog as they begin to age, especially based on the breed. Milk thistle in humans has been found to help reduce liver problems. A dog will not have as many liver problems due to not consuming alcohol or other heavily processed foods, but certain breeds are more susceptible to possible liver conditions.


This is a supplement commonly used by humans in order to reduce symptoms from arthritis. It may help with pets who are starting to age. It can be taken before symptoms of arthritis start in order to reduce the chances of the condition developing.

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