Disease: The Most Common Diseases Found In Dogs

disease the most common diseases found In dogsAre you worried your dog might catch a disease? When you have a dog living with you as a companion, you want to make sure that it has the best health care possible. Here follow a number of common conditions that your canine friend can come down with, according to the ASPCA.

Top 7 Common Diseases In Dogs

  • Cancer is as dangerous a disease for dogs as it is for human beings. Fortunately, your veterinarian will have some options for treating this ailment. Spaying or neutering can significantly lessen the chances of your dog getting cancer.
  • Diabetes works in dogs as it does in humans. Canine diabetes can result in either a shortage of naturally occurring insulin or an inability to process the insulin that your dog produces. Fortunately, this is a manageable disease, perhaps with insulin therapy, that will allow your canine friend to live a long, relatively healthy life.
  • A heartworm is a parasite that can wreak havoc upon a dog’s cardiovascular system. Heartworms can be prevented with a chewable pill or, if present, treated with medication and, if needed, hospitalization.
  • A kennel cough is a catch all phrase for a series of respiratory infections and is similar to human bronchitis. Vaccinations are available for the prevention of a kennel cough. If your dog catches the disease, it is usually best to let it run its course along with supportive care, much like a human cold.
  • Parvovirus is a highly contagious, life-threatening disease. The disease can be prevented with vaccinations. The only treatment is aggressive supportive care which, unfortunately, is not always successful.
  • Rabies is a fatal disease that affects the brain and spinal cords of mammals such as dogs. Vaccinations are the key to preventing the disease and, in most states, they are mandated by law. If your dog has been bitten by a rabid animal, it needs a booster vaccine immediately. If your dog has caught the disease, do not attempt to handle or approach. Call animal control immediately to manage the situation.
  • Ringworm is actually a fungus that affects a dog’s skin and hair. It can lead to hair loss and can be transmitted to other animals and even humans. Treatments for ringworms include a medicated shampoo or ointment or an oral medication.

Also, especially if your dog loves romping out of doors, you should be on the lookout for Lyme disease, according to PetMD. Lyme disease is transmitted by deer ticks. A combination of an antibiotic drug and an anti-inflammatory pain medicine is usually indicated for a usual course of four weeks on an outpatient basis.

To care for your dog companion, your need to take it in for regular checkups and make sure that its vaccinations are current so you can avoid any diseases your pet may catch. If your pooch seems to be behaving out of the ordinary or has symptoms of what might be a disease, by all means, bring it in for an examination. The sooner that a disease is caught and treated, the more likely your dog will return to health.

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